Sondre Agledahl

Hi, Sondre (colonelsalt) here. ROM hacker, programmer, gamedev hobbyist, etc.

If you've come to discuss or find out more about Pokémon FireRed: Rocket Edition, join us on Discord, or check out the official Pokécommunity thread.

For professional/recruitment visitors, see my games portfolio below. I'm currently a software engineer at Amazon in London, making interactive infographics for Alexa. Reach out via email or LinkedIn.

Pokémon FireRed: Rocket Edition

Game Boy Advance ROM Hack | RPG

  • Solo spare time project - programming, level design and writing
  • Written in decompiled Pokémon scripting language + ARM assembly (THUMB instruction set)
  • Awarded Hack of the Month March 2016 and Best Progressing Hack of 2016 at the Pokécommunity forums
  • Featuring 8-12 hours of original gameplay, including branching sidequests and a morality system

Cylinder Battle

Unity | Platformer / Action

  • Finalist game for 2018 Rising Star competition, highest-ranked in competition's second round
  • Dynamically splitting and rotating split-screen
  • Complete AI navigation system with different enemy behaviours
  • Dynamic tutorial system and persistent achievements

Chrono Crack

Unity | Action/Puzzle

  • Winning submission for 2018 Escape Studios Game Jam
  • Solo programmer in team of 5; Unity game built from scratch in 24 hours
  • Time travelling mechanic driven by C# event system

Sweet Halloween

Unity | Puzzle

  • Programming freelance project developed for Innotech LLC; expanded and improved upon existing C# codebase
  • Created new randomised daily challenge game mode with persistent state
  • Developed 3 new game modes, 6 new bubble types and 1 new powerup

Groovy Bounce Adventures

Unity | Arcade/action

  • Solo programming project for the 2017 Rising Star competition
  • Dynamically resizing characters and a naturally scaling difficulty progression
  • Four different types of powerups, each with unique gameplay mechanics